十大最大的网络彩票平台 offers students a wide variety of minors to combine with undergraduate degrees. Adding a minor to your program of study provides additional career opportunities and the ability to specialize in a specific career path. 鼓励学生与他们的老师进行对话 成功的导师 还有十大网络彩票平台大全职业选择的指导老师.


  • 中级会计1
  • 中级会计2
  • 成本会计
  • AIS
  • 统一商法典商法(UCC)


The minor in Art consists of 15 semester hours (5 classes) taken in Art courses numbered 300 or above. All students seeking a minor in Art are required to meet with an Art department instructor and submit a portfolio for approval before beginning a course of study.


This minor prepares graduates to work with people who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.

  • 危机干预
  • 药物滥用简介
  • 成瘾的治疗模式
  • 药物滥用药理学
  • 并发疾病


  • 生物学原理1
  • 生物学原理2
  • 生态
  • 遗传学
  • 生物选择性


  • 会计原理
  • 经济学原理
  • 金融学原理
  • 组织行为学或领导力
  • 市场营销原理


Chemistry is the scientific study of properties and composition of matter and the laws that govern them. It is the foundation for many fields of studying including biology. A minor in chemistry at TU complements many fields of study preparing students for careers or graduate studies in life sciences, 医学或其他健康相关领域. 课程的重点是无机的, organic and biochemistry designed to enhance understanding of life processes.


  • 化学我
  • 化学二世
  • 有机化学I
  • 有机化学II
  • 生物化学
A minor in Chemistry prepares students for a wide variety of careers and graduate studies in life sciences, 医学(医疗, pharmacy and veterinary) and other health-related careers as well as positions in agriculture and manufacturing. 来源: 劳工统计局


  • 网页设计
  • 数码摄影
  • 电影制作的方法和材料
  • 专业的沟通
  • 人际沟通或
  • 社会心理学


The 创意写作 Minor (15 credit hours) provides students with essential writing, communication and presentation skills used in a wide variety of professions. The workshop-based model emphasizes the writing process, peer feedback, and revision. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experience editing the web-based Nighthawk Review, 十大最大的网络彩票平台创意艺术期刊. 这个学生办的杂志促进创新, collaboration and leadership to create adept literary citizens.

  • 创意写作入门
  • 创造性的非小说
  • 创意写作
  • 文学与传媒
  • 小说研讨会


This concentration will provide graduates with skills in 刑事司法, 哪些专业可以与多种专业相结合.

  • 宪法
  • 刑法
  • 刑事司法选修课(3节课)


Students pursuing this minor must abide by all of the rules and regulations governing 十大网络彩票平台大全 students at 十大最大的网络彩票平台. Completing a minor in 十大网络彩票平台大全 does not lead to teacher certification.

  • 《教师职业导论
  • 十大网络彩票平台大全心理学
  • 教不同的学习者
  • 培养优秀的学习者
  • 将十大网络彩票平台大全技术融入教学


The minor consists of 15 semester hours (5 classes) taken in English courses numbered 300 or above and must include one course with prefix of ENG 301-ENG 304.


The 环境科学 Program at 十大最大的网络彩票平台 is a collaborative learning environment dedicated to the sustainable use of natural resources.

通过课程设置, 研讨会, independent study and cooperative research with local 政府s and resource groups, this program provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on the political, 法律, 心理, 文化, behavioral and societal forces that affect relations between people and environment.

Humans are an integral component of the ecosystem and have the responsibility to alleviate global problems such as natural resource depletion, 环境退化, 生物多样性丧失与贫困.

对自然资源保护有兴趣的同学, wildlife management or environmental issues take courses that deal with resource issues, 比如保护生物学, 生态, 野外生物学和环境科学. These and related subjects will prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level or for a career in 资源管理, environmental planning or environmental regulation with local, 状态, 联邦政府, 或者是一家环境咨询公司.


  • 环境科学
  • 海洋学
  • 环境系统
  • 保护系统
  • 物理科学原理

Environmental scientists and specialists work to gather, monitor and analyze information concerning environmental conditions to protect the environment and human health.

美国.S. 劳工统计局 is projecting an 11% increase in positions in this career field through 2026 (faster than average).

来源: 劳工统计局


地理信息系统是在许多职业中使用的一项市场技能. 这个令人振奋的, hands-on skill has career potential in the following industries: military and defense, 城市规划, 公用事业和基础设施, 资源管理, 环境研究, 以及紧急服务. Students have access to the GAPP (Geospatial Analysis Planning & Preservation) Center which contains 状态-of-the-art GIS and GPS (Global Positions System) technology.


  • 地理位置
  • GIS我
  • GIS二世
  • 地理信息系统-保育
  • GIS实习

Individuals working with GIS systems study the Earth and the distribution of its land, 特性, 和居民. They also examine political or 文化 structures and study the physical and human geographic characteristics of regions ranging in scale from local to global.

GIS systems are used in a wide variety of careers including business, 政府, 城市规划, 公用事业公司, 资源管理和应急服务.

来源: 劳工统计局



  • 社会老年学:家庭和照顾问题
  • 临终问题
  • 健康老龄化
  • 衰老生理学
  • 悲伤心理咨询
  • 衰老心理学



  • 20世纪的美国
  • 当代欧洲
  • 当代拉丁美洲
  • 历史专题
  • 美国经济危机的关键十年.S. 历史
  • 非洲民族主义的历史
  • 当代亚洲
  • 格鲁吉亚的历史
  • 中东历史


The minor consists of 15 semester hours (5 classes) taken in mathematics above the 200 level.


  • 音乐概论
  • 爵士乐团或社区合唱团(2学期)
  • 应用音乐(2个学期)


  • 爵士乐的历史
  • 世界音乐
  • 流行 & 摇滚音乐
  • 电子音乐


  • 普通心理学
  • 生物心理学
  • 统计数据
  • 心理学或统计学选修课(2门)


  • 康复研究概论
  • 文化的多样性
  • 辅助技术
  • 康复研究选修课(2门)


This minor consists of 15 credits (5 classes) taken in Social Work in classes numbered 300 or above.



  • 体育科学概论
  • 伤害预防
  • 体育运动心理学
  • 体育管理概论
  • 教练理论与方法
  • 体育社会学



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